Frey is a brand of mother and baby products which mainly producing the breast pump aims at working mothers; and holding the core ideology of bringing comfortable, efficient and emotional using experience. 

The working mother enjoys her life and work and is proud of being a mother. She tries her best to give her baby the best care and love. 

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09/2016 - 12/2016


Who is “Working Mother”?

The working mother is who collect breast milk at the intervals of work and take milk home to feed their babies.

Why do we choose to design breast pump for the working mother?

The Mothers choose breast pump under the inconvenient situation. 

A breast pump is a mechanical device that extracts milk from the breasts of a lactating woman. It is usually used when infants can't be fed directly, or when the mother has problems with her nipples. It is widely used when mothers want to go to work and keep breast milk feeding.

ATTACHMENT THEORY: In developmental psychology, attachment refers to special and strong emotional relations between infants and their supporters (usually mothers). Nowadays, researchers widely think that attachment plays key roles in human beings’ survival because it not only improves infants’ possibility of survival but also constructs infants’ feature of long-time adaption.


Also, it helps infants develop towards better adaption to survival throughout life. It is a kind of emotional bond produced during children and supporters’ interaction process. It is indicated through children’s fellowship, dependence and intimate behavior to supporters and the sense of belonging and safety brought by this. Moreover, attachment plays a key role in one’s whole life.

Mother’s negative mood during the milk-absorbing process is bound to affect the attachment relationship between mothers and babies. Also, the inconvenience of breast pump use increases the time for milk-absorbing. In sophisticated daily work, it seems incompatible with the surrounding environment. 


As the product of highest use frequency during lactation, breast pump’s design style of medical industrialization brings very negative psychological hint to mothers, which influences mothers’ mood and experience. Also, it may result in negative effects on the development of mothers and babies’ attachment relationship. I hoped that this design could innovate breast pump and provide a warm, proud, positive emotional response to mothers.

What about...

basing on target user group’s features, the redesign of existing breast pump was conducted so that breast pump, as the most special product of highest use frequency during lactation, could bring positive psychological hint and more convenient operating experience to mothers.

Frey, a brand of mother and baby products which mainly producing the breast pump aims at working mothers and holding the core ideology of bringing comfortable, efficient and emotional using experience.

The body case consists of inside case and crust. Both of them adopts overall stamping molding. There is no parting line in the middle position of the case, which makes the product’s appearance more smooth and artistic and reduces the probability of dust’s entering the body.


There is also no exposed screw on the external case. Each component is embedded in the upper part of the inside case and fixed by cantilevered clasper. Both the inside case and crust adopt internal plug-in design. The bottle mouth of the machine is welded and sealed with a plastic ring.

FREY empowers you to effortlessly fulfill your role as a mother and brings gratification knowing you are nurturing your child while living life fully. 

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