For farmers - who can not find an appropriate way to sell their food and customers - who prefer to eat organic food and pursue a healthy lifestyle; GROW is a platform bridges the connection between farmers and customers directly between customers and farmers to build trust and understanding through online and offline services.

Five Group Members

02/2016 - 05/2016


Why is it important to think about agriculture?

Nowadays agricultural problems are highly regarded not only in China but also all over the world. People start to take care of their health and turn to eat organic and healthy food. However, there is lack of such products in China because of the price, pollution and unfair farmers. Also, people do not have enough knowledge about organic or healthy food and farming.

How might we...

use design thinking methodology to improve the system of food consumption by considering quality, quantity price delivery, environment, an appearance of their previous experience, and create a new entrepreneurial moment in the era of agricultural products market? 

The preliminary survey by online questionnaires was made to understand what customers think about the quality of food products they buy in daily life and the personal habits of food products purchased. Then we have interviews with farmers and customers — we visite the farm in order to understand the daily work of farmers better.

We figure out that lacking trust and understanding is the main problem between customers and farmers. Both of them are troubled by the purchase and marketing process.

Key Considerations

According to the Journey map, we figure out that lacking trust and understanding are the main problems between customers and farmers. Both of them are troubled by the purchase and marketing process.


Customers need a channel to find a reliable natural product without false advertising.


Famers need a channel to boost sales, reduce waste and rebuild their reputation.


Lacking trust and understanding is the main problem between customers and farmers.

What if we...

bridge the connection between farmers and customers directly, to make the whole food growing process visible and credible?


GROW is a platform provides a way to establish direct contact with customers and farmers to build trust and understanding between them by online and offline services, unlike the traditional platform for sales of agricultural products.

In this application, customers could find farms in different parts of China, get detailed information about those farms, rent trees there and monitor their growing process. 

Farmers in the application could sell their products, attract new customers to their farm, broaden their business, and reduce wasting of food for their product will be reserved in advance. The redesigned camera is for farmers to rent or buy if they want to join our project. The camera helps to provide everyday picture and videos from the farm and shows real-time 360-degree videos which could be watched through VR glasses.

As for the "Community" part, the offline service provides fast delivery of food from any areas of Chine. All products will be packed in individual design boxes which keeps fruit and vegetables fresh for a longer time. 

Customers could also get offline service when they go to the farm to help farmers grow or pick up food; they could have a picnic there, take care of animals, ride a horse, or do all the other activities provides by the farm.

The online service is provided by the mobile application which has two different entrances for farmers customers. 


This application aims to create a clean and straightforward interface, visualized information and fluent user experience.

Grow camera is a real-time remote control camera system based on Bluetooth module, WIFI module, Dual camera, VR glasses, Arduino SCM and Caterpillar band chassis. 

In the ideal situation, the camera could stably go through fields with mud, show the real-time picture in the full angles view, and could be controlled in a long-range by customers, with their phone and motion controller. Customers could use VR glasses to have an immersive experience.


Due to our technical restriction and limit of time, we made a tentative model which controlled by Arduino SCM, dolly moved by remote-controller, rotated and up-down moved by mobile phone and linked to the app with WIFI. It can present a simple VR picture with VR glasses. If there is a chance in the future, we would make a further study.

How Grow service system working on the farmer.

How Grow service system working on the customer.