Exploring Problem Space: Information Visualization and Audible Map


Individual Project

The problem spaces map of Artificial Intelligence (AI), population aging, cultural difference. And made it audible by position punching and played with Paper Music Box.

This visualization map is basing on the historical development of the three main topics. Blue represents the field of AI, orange represents population aging, and the green represents the cultural differences. The intersection area means the content of each field is mingling. The name of the events are the ones that happened within the timeline.  

The auditory visualization animation is made with Music Box based on the shapes' outline and position in the map, to show the concept of how the relationship of the three topics is evolving.



Individual Project

A small project about how design informs Virtual Reality & vice-versa. My personal part is the one with interacted music trees, realized with Unity, Leap Motion, and HTC Vive. Aiming to create a draft demo entertainment immersive natural environment that can apply for the older adult.



Individual Project

A concept about an idea-sharing platform for the elderly with AR technology. Identified needs and gathered the ideas from design sessions with two groups of older adult participants.