Co-designing with Older Adults for Voice Assistive Technology

05/2019 — 12/2020

Graduate Thesis

Voice Assistive Technology (VAT) is an integral part of accessibility design which has the potential to help older adults with common age-related challenges, such as Age-Related Hearing Loss, live better lives. Yet, the adoption of VAT for older adults is questionable due to the gap between the current applications of the technology and the needs of the older generation.


This study was focused on designing with and for older adults for VAT through co-design. The results of the study emerged as design concepts and criteria. They are for the application of VAT, which can be applied in the creation of better and more meaningful communication experiences with and for older adults. A new co-design framework, “Cake Structured Co-design Framework” (CSCF), was also developed. It will help co-design researchers to facilitate co-design sessions with older adults by using the designed toolkits and methods.