Stroke Rehabilitation Project for PHILIPS 
*un-published information, for recruiters review only

05/2019 - 07/2019

Reported to Senior User Experience Designer at Philips

Stroke rehab already has a current solution at Philips, including a physical product that helps doctors to conduct training with stroke patients. The team has been working on the hand rehab solution (product and software) and has initial ideas. The business wants to create the next generation solution targeting home use in order to expand the market share, which includes stroke rehab and hand rehab training equipment, with a game motivated playing system. It should also be connected to the doctor’s portal and patients' / patients' families application, so that doctors can instruct patients for better training outcomes.

This project was the one I spend the majority of my time with. Started with the basic market research, then I created a service road map with the patient's rehab journey, different stakeholders involved, touchpoints/interactions in each segment; finding out the challenging points with customers' adherence and patients' engagement; assessing the needs. By refining the service blue map, we started the idea generation stage on the rehab game matching the handwear equipment for patients rehabbing at home. In the meantime, re-design the previous interfaces and developing the interactions to get ready for the new system.